This annoys me so much
girl in a normal relationship: "my bf and I are going to have to go long distance for a week, it'll be so hard"
girl in LDR for six months and has never seen her bf : *stabs eye with a fork*

Of Mice & Men - The Depths


Of Mice & Men - The Depths


"Why did the mushroom go to the party?"

“To be a fungi

Happy 4 Years, One Direction


You know our wedding vows are going to include the following things :
1. I will give you my last wish like Augustus gave Hazel
2. We will fight like Ron and Hermione
3. We will take care of each other like Katniss did for Peeta
4. We will hang on together like Percy and Annabeth
5. We will…


Pierce the Veil ”Collide with the Sky” live songs


Midnight Memories- first lines as snaps [insp]